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          • Property Website Design
            Professional and Attractive
            Real Estate Websites


          Main Features



          Automate! Save yourself the trouble! Our intuitive solution allows you to assign a profile to each client, from there you can manually select a list of properties to send, or schedule automatic submissions. Simple, that's how it is!

          Leads/Deals Management

          Did you know that contacts replied to in the first 5 minutes have a higher conversion rate? Do you still create customers manually? Is your response time too long? Optimize the relationship with your clients, sell more and better!

          CRM - Sales & New Listings Funnels

          Centralize all your customer management. No more forgetting important things with our solution, and better yet, keep an activity history, central to the statistical analysis that drives your business.

          More Info

          Real-time notifications

          We have an integrated event calendar, so it makes perfect sense to notify your whole team of tasks in which they're involved, with no more excuses or delays. We know, it makes all the difference!

          Integration with Google Calendar

          Already using Google Calendar?
          We know that it's a great tool and that's why we have integrated our calendar with your Google Calendar.

          Export to portals

          Want to promote your properties on the main real estate portals? We've facilitated the process by automating the placement of information. We're different, because we treat this procedure with lots of care.


          There are currently 2 types of entrepreneurs: those who analyze their business to evolve, and others that simply don't. With our solution you can analyse various categories of statistics, all integrated into our solution.

          Monitors - Slide show

          Be creative in how you promote your properties. Have promotion points in various places (several screens), managing the real estate that shows at every point!

          SEO Ready

          Want to be among the first? Our solution is developed according to the best practices recommended by Google. Take advantage of dynamic urls, manage your content and keywords without limits.

          Responsive design

          Most of the visits to your site happen through mobile devices, make life easier for your customers, have a site that automatically adapts to tablets and smartphones.

          Facebook Tab

          Like it or not, social networks are unavoidable these days. Integrate into your Facebook page a powerful property search functionality, which returns visitors to your site. You will see that it works!

          Label Manager

          Imagine you want to highlight a "Unique Opportunity" on a product that you have for sale. It only takes 2 minutes to create a label that automatically appears on the property's photo, on the site. You know the business, we provide the tools.


          Have full autonomy in creating content for your website. Search engines love well organized sites, with large amounts of quality content. Remember that search terms used by your potential clients have to exist on your site in order to produce a match. With us, you're free to do it!

          Integrated e-mail

          A tool to centralize and organize the e-mails that relate to the sales process. Have it all in one place, making it easy to check both the customer's and property's history. Our customers love it!

          Don't hesitate to get in touch with us

          We would love to take on your next project...

          With our remote screen technology we can communicate with you wherever you are in the world.
          We can talk with you and show you things on your monitor. In fact, it's as though we are sitting right in front of you!
          Don't think you have to deal with a local web design agency. Many of our clients return to us time and time again because success has no borders :)

          Navega Bem - Web Design, Lda
          Rua Quinta do Leme, 119
          Sto António
          Funchal 9020-223
          Madeira - Portugal
          Find us on the Map
          NIF: 507710487