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          Social Media Marketing Portfolio

          Some examples of our digital media marketing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn.

          Palheiro Golf

          Palheiro Golf, one of Europe's most beautiful golf courses.

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/palheirogolf

          insta icon

          Madeira Levada Walks

          We are a Portuguese company solely dedicated to guided leisure walks. Our tours have been thoughtfully selected and include levada, mountain and ridge walks.

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/madeiralevadawalks 

          twitter icon https://twitter.com/WalkMadeira

          Palheiro Nature Estate

          Palheiro Nature Estate on Madeira Island enjoys a beautiful hillside location with stunning views of the ocean and the city of Funchal. It was acquired by the Blandy family in 1885.

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/palheironatureestate

          insta icon

          Casa Velha do Palheiro

          Casa Velha do Palheiro is a Relais & Chateaux country house hotel, set within the award-winning Palheiro Gardens in the foothills of Funchal, which combines history, beauty and elegance.

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/hotelcasavelhadopalheiro

          insta icon

          Palheiro Village

          Palheiro Village with a wide choice of Luxury Villas and Apartments we are able to offer you a home away from home on Madeira Island at very reasonable prices with excellent conditions.

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/PalheiroRentals

          insta icon

          Palheiro Gardens

          The gardens at "Quinta do Palheiro" are famous not only for the variety of plants that grow there but for the beauty of their setting in the hills to the east of Funchal, the capital of Madeira.

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/PalheiroGardensMadeiraIsland

          insta icon https://www.instagram.com/palheirogardens

          Clínica S?o Louren?o

          Clinica De S.Louren?o, located in the center of Funchal, Madeira, with clinical director Dr. Miguel da Nobrega, is a medical, surgical, dental and orthodontic unit privately held, continuously since 1988.

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/clinicadesaolourenco

          insta icon 

          twitter icon

          Attis Medical

          Attis Medical

          Attis Medical a multibrand sales and services company of medical devices. Our company has over 30 years of experience in the medical device segment, with expertise in sales, marketing, education, compliance & regulatory affairs and logistics in different countries.

          fb icon  https://www.facebook.com/attismedical

          insta icon https://www.instagram.com/attismedical

          twitter icon https://twitter.com/AttisMedical


          Quinta M?e dos Homens

          Quinta M?e dos Homens Garden Village is a collection of self-catering apartments situated in an exclusive private estate perched above the city centre of Funchal.

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/quintamaedoshomens

          twitter icon 

          Quinta Santa Luzia

          Quinta de Santa Luzia is a traditional working Quinta. It is one of the few remaining on the Island that still possesses the characteristics of a farm or estate as they once existed in Madeira.Bought by John Blandy in 1826.

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/qtastaluzia

          Gr?o de Farinha

          Bakeries and Pastries Gr?o de Farinha in Funchal. Fresh bread and cakes every day.

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/graodefarinhaoficial

          insta icon

          Apartment Hotel Hamburg Mitte

          The Apartment-Hotel Hamburg Mitte is your business hotel and the hotel for your short or long break in Hamburg.

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/apartmenthotelhamburg

          twitter icon 


          Madeira Inerte

          A Madeira Inerte - Extrac??o de Saibro, Lda produces and sells concrete, aggregates for concrete, mortars and stone.

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/madeirainerte

          Blandy's Madeira Wine

          The Blandy family is unique in being the only family of all the original founders of the Madeira wine trade to still own and manage their own original wine company. 

          fb icon https://www.facebook.com/BlandysMadeiraWine

          insta icon

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          Brands that we collaborate with:

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            United School
          • Terra Madeira
            Terra Madeira
          • Sally B's Skin Yummies
            Sally B's Skin Yummies
          • Dunas Safari
            Dunas Safari
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            Natur House Funchal
          • H.M. Borges
            H.M. Borges
          • Ays Madeira
            Ays Madeira
          • Biorg
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            Casa do Ribeirinho
          • Denis de Luca
            Denis de Luca
          • Distinctive Italy Weddings
            Distinctive Italy Weddings
          • FamePortugal
          • Nomada`s Restaurante
            Nomada`s Restaurante
          • Palpite Essencial
            Palpite Essencial
          • Yieldplanet

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