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          Web Hosting Services - Madeira

          SSD Web Hosting

          Expand your internet business with Premium SSD Web Hosting Services

          Starter Package

          Disk Space: 500MB

          Unlimited Traffic 
          Domains allowed: 1 
          Monthly fee: 3€* 
          Annual fee: 36€*

          Business Package

          Disk Space: 1000MB
          Unlimited Traffic 
          Domains allowed: 2 
          Monthly fee: 5€* 
          Annual fee: 60€*

          Enterprise Package

          Disk Space: 2000MB
          Unlimited Traffic 
          Domains allowed: 2 
          Monthly fee: 7€* 
          Annual fee: 84€*

          Web Domains

          .com, .net, .org
          13€ + VAT (annual).

          .pt, .com.pt
          15€ + VAT (annual).

          Top advantages of our SSD web Hosting services:

          SSD Hard Drives

          positive   Our Web Hosting service is boosted by SSD technology, 10x times faster than a normal web hosting account.

          Daily Security Backups

          positive   All your information is stored in daily security backups, any lost information can easily be recovered at any time.

          Secure Emails

          positive   All your email accounts are protected by our integrated anti-spam and anti-virus system.

          Monitoring and Support

          positive   All services are monitored 24/7 assuring optimal functioning and stability of all our clients websites.

          PHP, MySQL, phpMyAdmin...

          positive   With our hosting services you’ll be able to use any PHP version you require, from the 5.2 to the 5.6. Our servers are based on MySQL and phpMyAdmin.

          Guaranteed Uptime

          positive   We have an uptime of 99.9% in all our hosting services (except for failures independent from the datacenter) and security interventions or updates that might be necessary.

          cPanel Management

          positive   Have all the advantages of working with cPanel, with it you’ll be able to manage easily your e-mail accounts, ftp access, MySQL databases and also monitor your web traffic and download your security backups.

          You’ll also be able to check other service informations like, occupied space, consumed traffic, etc…

          Expand your internet business, with Premium SSD Web Hosting - Quality - Robust, Secure, Fast, Server Redundancy, SSD technology... all within your reach.

          We guarantee 10x times faster loading speeds for all of our clients, servers are more stable, faster, and they provide a faster loading speed for the website visitors.

          You’ll have access to advanced statistics, information about the resources your account is using, choosing the PHP version for your site and apps.

          You’ll also be able to access your webmail and read your emails online, manage and install your SSL certificates, and check the status of your account’s servers.
          SSD Server Array

          Don't hesitate to get in touch with us